GiveMe5 Chops for Fight2Feed

With 48.1 million Americans living in food insecure households and 86 billion pounds of food wasted each year we have to stand up and do something. GiveMe5 is teaming up with Fight2Feed, a nonprofit working to put an end to hunger and reduce food waste, to help the senior residents at the Natalie Salmon House in Chicago. Participants will be working at the Chopping Block to prepare 50 meals to donate to make sure these residents don’t go without a meal. Together we can fight hunger, raise awareness of food waste and help mobilize it to hungry friends in need.

About Fight2Feed

Fighting hunger. One block at a time.

Every month Fight2Feed rescue anywhere from 8,000 – 11,000 pounds of food from local partners like Imperfect Produce, Event like Culinary Fight Club and Food-services like Aramark. They share what they are in surplus of and our leaders and volunteers take their time and recuse food with our vehicles. The food is always handled from distributor to chefs or qualified Fight2Feed volunteers.

Some of our food is used to get into Soup Kitchens or donated kitchen spaces to cook and deploy to our hungry friends in need or served right to their clients. Some rescued food is shared with pantries, soup kitchen and shelters.