Myles Field

Event, Marketing & Nonprofit Partnership Coordinator 

Myles Field is joining the Lucky Forks team as the Event, Marketing and Nonprofits Partnership Coordinator. He will be planning, and implementing Lucky Forks event experiences making sure our clients are making an impact all-while engaging with their partners in the community.

Myles has 8 years in working events in hospitality, building his own bar tending service and working at Gourmet Advisory Service running tier 1 events in the NYC area. Myles also has a Masters in Social work working in hospitals and schools in lower income areas in NYC. Myles plans to utilize his experience as a social worker, by joining the Lucky Forks team by providing nonprofits and other public institutions with the resources and funding they deserve.

Born and raised in a Jewish community in New Jersey. Education is a B.A. in hospitality from the George Washington University School of Business and has a Masters in Social Work from The New York University Silver School of Social Work.